About Utile Solutions!
Utile Solutions are highly experienced International Human Resources, Organizational Development, Management Consulting and development programming experts. We have over sixty years combined experience of providing top-rate solutions for organizations in the public, private and not for profit sectors.
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What we do
Our work is about providing solutions and empowering our clients to succeed in people management, organization development, Financial Management, development programming and harnessing Information and Communication Technology for development and business efficiency. We work towards helping our clients identify, develop, implement and continuously improve effective business/organization growth strategies in order to deliver value for money to their shareholders and /or beneficiaries.
In doing this we focus on challenging assumptions that are rooted in practices that do not add value to your organization. This allows for a freeing of the mind to focus on identifying new and effective solutions that add value to your business.
Whether you are looking for HR Solutions and Services, advice on improving your Organization's Organizational Development, or Development Programming, you will find our approach pragmatic and refreshing to deal with. And in matters involving ICT Services, we deliver results that are responsive to your unique organizational context.

Our Services

HR Solutions and Services

Our HR Solutions evolve around attracting in time, managing and retaining people with the right skills, attitudes, values and behaviours.

Organizational Development

In fast-changing environment, organizations need to be able to synonymously improve their effectiveness

Development Programming

In the fight against poverty we work with the rights-based approach development paradigm.

ICT Services

Harnessing Information, Communication Technologies (ICTs) for business productivity is the way to go for all 21st Century organizations. 

Utile Solutions adds value to its clients by delivering effective and contextually responsive services and programs that meet the following standards:

Comprehensive services

While narrowly-defined interventions can work, UTILE SOLUTIONS’ most effective capacity-building and organizational transformation activities...

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Customized services

Utile Solutions’s services are custom tailored to the type of organization, its community environment, and its place in the “organizational life...

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Competence-based solutions

Our services are: (a) offered by well-trained providers (both UTILE Solutions Consultants and expert service suppliers) and (b) requested by...

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Our interventions happen in the balanced space between action taken too slowly to be relevant (often because of funder delays in acting on funding...

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Our organizational capacity building initiatives provide opportunities for our clients for peer-to-peer networking, shared learning, mentoring...

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Our interventions begin with a thorough assessment of the needs and resources of the organization and the environment in which it operates, which...

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Utile Solutions’ transformational approach is rooted on the understanding that the interventions occur when the organization or “client” is ready...

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Our technical support is always considered in the larger context of other strengthening services a client is receiving, other activities of the...

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Knowledge transfer

Cognizant of the fact that most consultants would want to deliver a service to clients without leaving them able to do it on their own the next...

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