Online Testing

Why choose our Online Testing Services

We ensure testing integrity using online proctored testing technology
Proctored Testing

We ensure the integrity of your online tests by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to validate candidates and monitor test-taker behavior while carrying out testing online

Tailored Test Design

We tailor online tests to each job so that you get a perfect person-job fit.  We can do pre-screening at application stage by providing a set of questions that allow only the best to proceed to the testing stage.

Customer-Centered Support

Our team is always available to assist you and develop solutions to screening candidates or carrying out interviews on call.



We are breaking out into microfinance with our partner company – Phoenix Fortunes.  Here we provide money lending services and financial...

Building and Construction

Our construction service aims at client satisfaction which is achieved through focus on quality building project management in all aspects of the...

HR Solutions and Services

Our HR Solutions evolve around attracting in time, managing and retaining people with the right skills, attitudes, values and behaviours.

Organizational Development

In fast-changing environment, organizations need to be able to synonymously improve their effectiveness

Development Programming

In the fight against poverty we work with the rights-based approach development paradigm.

ICT Services

Harnessing Information, Communication Technologies (ICTs) for business productivity is the way to go for all 21st Century organizations. 

our skills

Check out some of our team’s skills and achievements
Graphic Design
PHP & Java
MySQL Database
P.xel is easily adaptable to

any mobile device

The fact of prevalence of mobile devices obliges to adjust any website to their peculiarity at maximum degree. We have done our best for your website based on p.xel to blend with this trend.

Knowledge transfer

Cognizant of the fact that most consultants would want to deliver a service to clients without leaving them able to do it on their own the next...


Our technical support is always considered in the larger context of other strengthening services a client is receiving, other activities of the...


Utile Solutions’ transformational approach is rooted on the understanding that the interventions occur when the organization or “client” is ready...