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How to Fix the OBS Studio Black Screen Issue on Windows 11.


OBS Studio is among the best applications to record or stream your screen. The open-source software makes it easy to capture screenshots, record gameplays, and do much more. However, many users are experiencing a black screen while using the OBS Studio. If you’re encountering the same problem, let’s explore the different ways you can fix this annoying issue. Facing читать полностью black screen can be frustrating as it doesn’t give an error code or message so that you can determine the root of the cause.

The issue can appear due to many things, but it is mainly related to the installed windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free drivers. It can also occur due to a bug in the current system приведу ссылку. Whatever the reason may be, it’s pretty easy to fix the OBS Studio black screen issue.

Here are all the solutions you can try in this situation. Before diving into the troubleshooting process, consider restarting OBS Studio. Then, relaunch it and check for the issue. If you are still facing the black screen problem, move on to the next solution.

Microsoft releases new updates to increase system performance and eliminate any minor bugs. If the problem is being caused due to a bug in the current OS version, updating Windows can be a quick and easy fix. Windows will now check for and install any available updates. Once the update process is complete, reboot the system and check for the issue. The problem in the discussion can appear due to the lack of administrative rights. In this case, you will have to run the application as an administrator to eliminate the problem.

Launch OBS Studio and check if you still face the black screen issue. If yes, try the next solution on the list. If you have downloaded the wrong application version, you will most likely face the black screen issue. You will have to download the application as per your system type.

To do so, you will have windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free check the system version, followed by downloading OBS Studio of the same version. Here’s how to do it. You can solve the problem by changing its compatibility. Here’s how. Applications like OBS Studio require the latest graphics driver to run without problem.

If this isn’t the case, they will regularly throw different issues. So, it’s a good idea to try updating the graphic driver to get узнать больше of the problem. Wait until the update process is complete.

After that, reboot the font windows 10 and check for the problem. The problem in the question will appear if you are not running the application on the correct GPU. The situation mainly arises when the system features two graphics cards, and the application uses another windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free and not the one that the game is using.

OBS Studio нажмите сюда users configure the settings as per their requirements.

But specific settings can conflict with each other and cause a black screen. The black screen can appear due to an outdated application. You will have to download the latest update the eliminate the issue. Most professional gamers prefer OBS Studio over any other application, and there is a good reason behind it. The application can be easily integrated with platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and its features are comparatively better than any of the Windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free Studio alternatives.


Windows apps black screen – windows 10 – Microsoft Q&A

› answers › questions › windows-apps-black-screen-wi. I was trying anything to fix it but nothing then I right-clicked settings and pressed app settings it opened fine and I could navigate every bit.


Intermittent black screen Windows 10 64 bit – Microsoft Community.


Jump to a Section. When a black screen in Windows 10 error occurs, the computer may still be on and functioning, but it may be frozen and incapable of accepting inputs, or it may just be off. A black screen in Windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free 10 can appear at any time during use, immediately after bootingafter or during an update due to a Windows update errorand at virtually any other time.

This situation can be caused by a wide variety of software and hardware problems, including:. To fix a black screen in Windows 10, you need to narrow down why the screen is black and then fix the root cause.

Many of these issues are pretty easy to fix without детальнее на этой странице tools or knowledge, but some are more complicated. Test your monitor. You may also test the existing outlet by plugging another device to it or try a different power outlet. Try to reboot your computer.

If your Windows 10 computer boots directly to a black screen, especially after installing an update, you may be able to fix it with a simple reboot.

Click or tap the power icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Restart. Restart your computer from a completely powered off state. Push and hold the power button for at least five seconds, look for signs that the computer windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free turned off like the lights and fan turning off, and then unplug it from power. Wait a few minutes, plug it back in, turn it back on again, and see if the display works. Check your brightness settings. The brightness may be set too low to see anything on the screen.

Try a different video output. If your computer has multiple HDMI outputs, try a different one. Try a different monitor. If that fixes the black screen problem, then your monitor or laptop display is bad. If your monitor has multiple inputs, try a different input on the monitor. Double-check that you have the monitor set to the correct input as well. Try a different HDMI cable. Use one that you know works if possible, like an HDMI cable that you use with a video windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free system or Blu-ray player.

Refresh the connection to the monitor. This shortcut causes Windows 10 to windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free your video driver. Wake up the display. Bring up the Project menu and choose a display. Repeating this step four times will cycle through all of the options. If your display starts working, you can stop at that point. Disconnect your peripheral devices.

Try disconnecting all of the peripheral devices that you have connected to your computer, including removable drives, SD cards, cameras, printers, hubs, and everything else. Then restart the computer, and see if the display works. That device may need a driver update, or it may need to be replaced.

Restart the Windows Explorer process. If your screen is black, but you have a working mouse cursor and can access the Task Manager, your Windows Explorer process may be frozen. Opening the Task Manager and restarting Windows Explorer may fix this problem. Use Windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free Mode to troubleshoot. Restart your computer in Safe Mode by shutting the computer off and restarting it three times. Then wait for your computer to reboot and select option 5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

If the display works in the Recovery Environment and Safe Mode, use Safe Mode to disable startup items and services until you determine which one is at fault.

Roll back your graphics driver. If your display works while in Safe Mode, then boot into Safe Mode and roll back your graphics driver. After you have microsoft office powerpoint 2010 for windows to an earlier version, try rebooting.

Disable fast startup. Windows 10 has a fast startup feature designed to do what the name implies, but it can also cause a black screen error. If you upgraded hardware like RAM before experiencing a Windows 10 black screen error, this is likely the cause. Use System Restore. Using System Restore, roll back to your most recent known windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free restore point. You can also scan for affected programs at the same time. Uninstall Windows updates.

Reaccess the Recovery Environment, but select Uninstall Updates. Select uninstall latest feature updatesign in if prompted, and click the uninstall feature upgrade button. If you still experience a black screen after following all of these steps, you may have defective hardware. Consult with your hardware manufacturer or Microsoft customer support for more information. Even though the installation process is still running in the background, it may appear black for a while.

There may be a problem if you still see a black screen during Windows installation after about six hours of no noticeable activity. At this point, you can try powering down your computer by pressing and holding the power button. With the computer fully powered down and unplugged, try removing all the peripherals. Then with everything disconnected, plug the computer back in and turn it on. Windows 10 should resume the installation process or roll back to the previous version of Windows 10 home 64 bit black screen free.

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