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New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Is your Downloads folder slow to respond? This guide can help you get everything back up to full speed in a flash. Microsoft Windows is a complicated piece of software.

It is the backbone of your PC, and when everything is working right, will disappear into the background as you work with your apps or games. Windows will attempt to scan and optimize things in the background to make the user experience more productive and enjoyable, but sometimes, these features will backfire and cause the end-user pain. If you are experiencing trouble with your Windows default Downloads folder, it may be very slow to open or often refuse to open at all.

When you get a new PC or a fresh install of Windows on your PC, most folders are empty and navigating folders will feel incredibly snappy. You go online and, over time, begin downloading files, pictures, music, and more. By default, these items are saved to your user-specific Downloads folder. As the number of items in the folder grows, Windows will attempt to adjust how items in the folder are view in Windows Explorer based on what types of files are contained within.

Many users will end up with a Downloads folder that has many images. Windows will try to help and begin to optimize this folder for pictures. This makes Windows scan the files in the folder and begin to generate thumbnail images for display in Windows Explorer. If, like most users, your Downloads folder contains all sorts of file types, the background scanning and optimizing can make accessing and working within this folder grind to a halt.

Thankfully, there is a simple fix! To get your Downloads folder back up to top speed, simply find the folder in WIndows Explorer and right click on it. From the right click pop-up menu, click on Properties. This will open the Downloads folder properties dialog box. You will see a pull down selection toggle that asks what kind of folder you want. Click the Start Menu button and restart your PC for these changes to take effect. Once you are logged back into Windows, you should notice that accessing and using your Downloads folder is now much quicker.

For Windows 7 and 8 users, you may not be able to access the Downloads folder properties dialog box by right clicking on the Downloads folder shortcut. Within this folder, you will see the Downloads folder. You can right click this folder to get to the properties dialogue box and follow the same steps outlined above. Chris Jarrard likes playing games, crankin’ tunes, and looking for fights on obscure online message boards.

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Windows 10 downloads folder slow free download


Windows 10 is known to be a more resource-hungry OS. You may come across a situation where downloading something from your PC browsers gives you the worst speed even if you have a good internet connection. This issue may occur due to various reasons. This article explains various reasons for slow internet speed and explains how to increase download speed in Windows There are some fixes to increase download speed in windows 10 by performing some tasks.

These solutions are actually tested and worked for me. You can try these fixes to increase download speed in chrome browser while playing online games, streaming online videos, etc. Step2 : type gpedit. For Windows 10 Home users, follow this guide to enable gpedit. Step4 : Double click on the Limit reservable bandwidth to open its options. Step5 : From newly opened windows, first click on enable the option to enable the settings and then type 0 in bandwidth limit percentage.

Microsoft has set default option to automatic updates turned ON in Windows This update frequently runs in the background and download updates to keep your windows updated.

Automatic windows update cause both slow internet speed and slow PC performance. To increase download speed, turning off the auto-updates is essential. Step2 : From the options, click on advanced options under update settings. Step4 : Now click on delivery optimization, and turn off allow downloads from other PCs. You have now turned off the automatic windows updates. To overcome their situation, we have made a separate guide to disable windows 10 updates completely.

Do check that article also from the below link. Finding and turning off the unnecessary data hopping apps will add value to your query of how to increase download speed in windows Step2 : First, click on the More details option to expand the task manager functionality.

To close the unnecessary program, right-click on it and select End Process. LSO is a Windows feature that uses the internet to sync background running apps like music services. LSO sends and receives internet data without noticing you.

Turning it off can surely improve internet speed. Step1 : Press Win. Step2 : type devmgmt. Step3 : Expand the Network Adaptors option and select your network Card. Step4 : Double click on it to open the additional settings in the new pop-up window.

Select the Advanced tab from here. Regular browsers are not that optimized for downloading large files. Also, downloading the file in browsers can consume more resources, causing the browser to stop working and ultimately fail the downloading.

Instead, you can use download managers designed just for downloading, which can improve download speed by taking all available bandwidth. Also, download managers can download files in multiple threads, which enables the parallel downloading feature. Sometimes too many installed programs, multitasking, leave them to run in the background. Such apps should be identified and turned off to speed up internet in windows Step1 : Click on start and select the settings option. Step2 : From the list, select Privacy.

Step3 : From the list of numerous options, find and choose Background apps. Windows auto-tuning is also a nearly similar tool to the Large Sendoff tool. Tun it off, and you are a step ahead on the answer to how to increase download speed. Step2 : Type the following command in the PowerShell and hit enter. Step3 : See the Option named- Receive windows auto-tuning level.

Step4 : To disable this Windows auto-tuning level, type the following command and press enter. You can now see the option is disabled by typing a command from step2. Temporary files and registries can cause your slow internet speed in windows These files are generated as new programs loads, and some of these files stay as it is in the temporary folder.

Delete such files to increase download speed. Hit enter and select all files to delete them —. Step2 : Now, again go to the run tool and type the following command, hit enter, and tap continue to allow admin rights. Step3 : Again, in the Run tool, type the following command, Hit enter, and tap continue to allow admin rights. Select all files there and delete them. In this way, you can delete temporary files and temporary registries to experience fast internet speed.

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Corrupted disk drive or file system Another downloaads for the Downloads folder opening slowly can be windows 10 downloads folder slow free download malfunction of the disk drive or the file system. By following the method discussed in this article, your Windows Downloads folder speed should now be much improved and should open as eownloads as any other folder. From the right click pop-up menu, click on Properties. Some day, you might face the issue that your Downloads folder opens very slowly in File Explorer in Windows Any image, link, or discussion related to child pornography, child nudity, or other child abuse or exploitation.