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Notice how the lines separating the handwriting from the text runs the entire length of the note. The top and bottom parts of the typed text are separated by a handwritten sentence. But even though this app has a lot of things going for it, Apple Notes also lacks some features that other apps include by default. Unlike traditional notetaking apps, which offer a blank page for you to jot notes, LiquidText is more of a study and research tool designed to help you parse PDFs and other documents.

It works like this: When you open a file in LiquidText, the document is imported into a digital workspace. In the workspace, your document takes half of the screen and the workspace takes the other half.

A mind map of notes and excerpts is located on the right side of the screen. As you read your document, you can highlight and mark up your text as you would in any other notetaking app. You can also grab snippets of text and pull them to the opposite side of the screen. As you do this, LiquidText will transform these excerpts into small cards that you can move around the workspace. As you gather data from your document, you can consolidate it into groups, draw lines and make connections between those details, and much more.

The second of the two research tools on our list, MarginNote is similar to LiquidText featured above in how it functions and operates. As a research tool, MarginNote opens your document into a digital workspace where you can highlight and annotate PDFs or select excerpts from the text. However, where LiquidText focuses on taking handwritten notes and marking up the document all of which is possible in MarginNote , this software also allows for clipping notes, creating flashcards, or mindmaps, and building study outlines.

One of the key differentiators in MarginNotes is that much of the mind-mapping generation can be done in a way that looks clean and crisp, with straight lines and blocks that feel sharp and organized. MarginNote also allows you to compile a single set of notes from multiple sources or files, so if you have several books in a series or several documents where you should combine notes, MarginNote makes it easy to simplify that process.

Where apps like GoodNotes and Notability emphasize and mostly stick to the idea of handwritten notes, Nebo tries to marry the concept of handwriting and text together within its notebooks.

All standard pages are lined sheets, and users have the option to write using an Apple Pencil or a keyboard. While you can keep the text in a handwritten format, Nebo gives you a clear indication that it understood what you wrote. You can also mix and match your handwriting and typed text or convert your handwriting to text.

However, you can get a dictionary, convert PDFs, and share your content out in various formats by purchasing the appropriate upgrade pack for a relatively low cost. In many respects, CollaNote is still a work in progress that has gained a massive following in recent years. The app provides a rock-solid notetaking experience with simple and intuitive tools that look good and feel great to use.

Converted text is framed within a text box and can be adjusted to fit. CollaNote is the only app we saw other than Apple Notes that actively distinguishes between a pen and a pencil, both of which provide a completely different writing experience. This app also offers tools like the color fill tool to add color quickly and the curve tool to help when creating curved lines great for charts and graphs.

For text boxes, the app makes it easy to add text and provides layering options that allow you to place your text over other objects. And did we mention that you can collaborate with other CollaNote users by creating an account?

A Paperlike iPad screen protector covers the display. Without a doubt, having the right app can make the difference between success and failure when studying for the next exam or jotting down quick notes in a meeting. Most of the apps on our list are free apps, so you can try them out and create notes and docs handwritten or otherwise with absolutely no risk. Paperlike transforms your screen from slippery glass into something that feels just like a real notepad or notebook so that you can scribble and jot notes with ease.

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Goodnotes 4 vs pdf expert free

Foxit PDF is a free PDF app for iPhone(iPhone 8/X included) and iPad. Another software that exhibits features similar to PDF Expert is GoodNotes 4. Have used both GoodNotes 4 and Noteshelf2. But decided to purchase PDF Expert 6 and it’s in app purchase feature. App is expensive but I would recommend this to. I have GoodNotes specifically for handwritten note. I use both btw, pdf viewer for pdf and GoodNotes for handwritten notebook.


‎PDF Expert: Doc Editor, Reader on the App Store.

PDF Expert is delightfully easy to use, offers the fastest PDF app reading experience, works with many syncing services, and has the most robust. However, I prefer to use the best tool available for each task. When my emphasis is going to be on writing, GoodNotes is the best tool for me.


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