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Xcode for Windows (12 Ways to Build iOS Apps on PC).

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I was really excited about Windows 10 Game Mode back in when I heard about it. Then it released and PCGamer tested it. 9. Change Graphic Control Panel Panel Settings. Disable Core-Isolation to Boost FPS on Windows Enable Game Mode. 64K votes, K comments. M subscribers in the pcmasterrace community. Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race / PCMR.

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Retrieved November 24, Epic Games [a]. Archived from the original on May 28,


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There is someone impersonating the ‘leavemeanon’ account I described throughout my post. The biggest question is how did this user get approved by the mods, without any evidence provided to back their claim? More details are found below in my edited response to the pinned mod post.

Just as in my post, I do not ask for anyone here to believe anything, but what they see. Every link is provided for you to assess with your own eyes and come to the most logical conclusion YOU believe.

This needs an explanation. The game that is being played is not simply just a House of Cards. The massive entities we call the Big Banks, the Market Makers, the Short dicked Hedge-funds, The Fed, etc, do not simply fall down over the course of a day.

One that has been forming cracks throughout its structure since the day it was conceived. A deteriorating castle which can no longer be unseen, nor..

Only, replaced. Before we get to the solution though, you must first understand the core aspect of the problem. Game on, Anon. This post is a follow-up to my previous. I had attempted to shine some light onto a DD that was flying far too under the radar fo.

With Endwalker releasing in a few months, I thought I’d do a retrospective discussion of the entire game, looking at its ups and downs, the pros and cons, going from A Realm Reborn all the way to its latest expansion Shadowbringers. For the new players, this will be educational — you’ll get to see what the game had to offer in its initial release that you take for granted right now.

Or a ‘Nam flashback, it’s going to be one or the other. Keep in mind, this is a retrospective of the game’s status when it came out , not as it is now, so it will not be judged based on the current Quality Of Life updates that we currently have at the moment of this writing. During ARR’s release, choosing one of The Twelve gave you a different now-removed stat: elemental status.

You might be slightly stronger against lightning with Rhalgr or some such, but like racial stat differences these were negligible. So useless nobody used elemental materia that gave you those elemental resistances. Oh yeah, those existed too.

Nobody melded them. You also used to allocate Attribute Points to your character, kind of like in the Diablo series, except this was separated by Class so Scholar and Summoner shared. It was only 30 points, which might seem massive during ARR’s release, but the big issue really is that everyone allocated them to the same stat because that’s the intelligent thing to do, so it was a pointless system anyway.

You would click that little plus sign beside ‘Bonus’ to allocate your attribute points. Generally, people allocated them to their main stat because I mean, why wouldn’t you. Tried it. Not too shabby, especially in a pinch. Oh right, ‘Accuracy’ was also a thing.

More on that in the Heavensward Retrospective. Certain Classes could do specific debuffs that benefit specific other classes. His newest grand achievement, born of technology and a desire for family, has finally come to fruition.

Modeled with the latest in Corpus advancements, the Sisters of Parvos are ready to claim their Sectors and your lives. The Kuva Lich system, originally introduced in the Old Blood update on Halloween of , has expanded to introduce a new faction! Those acquainted with the Kuva Lich system will find familiarity with the Sisters of Parvos, but with a full Corpus experience!

By reaching at least Rank 1 within the Granum Void you will call a Sister. Once back in the Corpus Ship a Candidate will spawn within the level! The player who downs the Candidate will be the one eligible to Mercy.

By choosing to kill the Candidate with a Mercy kill, this causes a Sister to arise in the Origin System, thus becoming the Progenitor of that Sister, and the Warframe used for this is recognized as the Progenitor Warframe. Progenitor Warframe determines Damage types and is. This guide is ad-free unlike makeuseof link, which people in the comments did not want.

This is from reading around. This is a cleanup of someone’s guide. I’m mainly just looking for if there’s any better guides out there with better info. I’m also looking for anything that is completely wrong in this guide. Also looking for any updated info since this is a somewhat old guide.

This is a guide to Android privacy. You can also experiment with the Porn and Malicious IP domain lists. Back then, I would watch videos about super plays on these obscure titles I had never played, but feel mesmerized by the movements of the players and the savagery of the bosses. Back then I discovered 2 things: japanese shmups are amazing and japanese games are very hard to understand.

While menus and system messages are hard to interpret without a guide on hand, it is very easy to get lost in the gameplay and end up with a smile.

ESP Ra. It follows the story of 3 psychic power users and their battle with a sweet old lady and her Yaksa country club. I mean this in the best possible way, as the setting of the game reminds me of the premise of Akira to a certain extent.

Although the stages seem to be more traditional locations, the mixture of conventional scenery and psychic people is truly a delight. Instead, you control one of 3 or 4 characters with their special abilities. What struck me the most was the fluidity by which these characters fly on screen and attack the enemies.

So many games just feature simple ship movement and tilting, so seeing a fully fleshed out animation was a breath of fresh air. Despite being powerful psychic users, the combat in ESP Ra. The controls boil down to a main shot, a power shot and your guard barrier. Your main shot is your run of the mill shmup shot. It has the added benefit of slowing you down while you hold the button, so. Inspired by some recent chatter in this sub about which teams are rebuilding or going all in, I decided to create a system to rank every team on a scale of Rebuild to Win Now.

By no means am I calling this system perfect. It is largely flawed and only uses raw numbers to come to our final scores. Draft capital is evaluated over the next 2 seasons and it’s assumed that every team has an equal shot at any pick. Using Jimmy Johnson’s trade chart I know it’s not perfect , I assigned each 1st rounder equal value. This is a flaw in this method, but things change quickly in the NFL. The Browns went from am team to a playoff winning team in just 3 years. I experimented with different weights on these buckets until I got where I am, and I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Now, this isn’t meant to be an actual ranking. One end isn’t better than the other. It isn’t meant to say “The Chargers will have a top 5 draft pick this year”. You can be a rebuilding team and still be competitive.

Conversely, this isn’t to say “The Texans will be a playoff team”. You can be a bad team but still have a roster that isn’t constructed for the long term. This is simply a scale — a 10 point spectrum — of where teams are right now. I do hope that this provides a bit of insight into teams’ philosophies and roster construction techniques. Now let’s get into it. The Atari VCS for the price point hits a very good quality for a mini pc, especially for one created by an iconic brand working to release premium content for the console coming Sept-April.

I upgraded the ram to 32gb and added an internal sata 1tb ssd which greatly improved the performance and was very simple to do. For those that do not have experience building PCs the instructions Atari provided online are spot on and should take 5 min to complete. Adding windows to the ssd was simple by using an m. The boxing was done beautifully and I really like the outer shell of this makes it very nice for displaying and keeping it from getting destroyed.

The Bluetooth does not stay connected during sleep mode and messes with the connection so until this is fixed turning off the pc makes it easier to reconnect the controllers on start up. The games included on the Atari os were actually fun for the time being before the upgrade, and a even more available for free on antstream. The companion app works perfectly for this and speeds up everything greatly.

This post has been split into two parts. This is part 2 of 2. Part 1 is here. All archive links are at the bottom. TL;DR: Formerly fringe elements of the United States political landscape have become mainstream, and it is being carefully manufactured into a polarizing, militarized, competition of realities.

The historical end result is localized armed conflict which creates a vacuum for radical societal change. The only people who deeply suffer from these events are the ordinary citizens, and time has run out to prevent such an event or its world wide consequences. All of these conditions overly ripe for homeland conflict have not gone unnoticed by the government. You may have received a notification on Facebook recently warning you about exposure to “extremist” views.