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Ice dragon browser for windows 10

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– Ice dragon browser for windows 10


Report misleading. As someone who has to download and visit many different sites for my job, I appreciate Comodo IceDragon immensely. If you’ve never heard ice dragon browser for windows 10 it, it’s a more enhanced and safer version of the Firefox browser. It gives me that extra sense of security I need when going on unfamiliar or possible dangerous avast cleanup download 10. It has a super-secure DNS feature that will auto filter and scan for any viruses when surfing the web.

This feature is crucial browse me since I am continually researching for my company. I have to dig deep and find sources that have not been widely used.

There have been so many times in the past where my entire computer has nearly crashed due to malware on random sites. Thankfully, IceDragon gives me a ice dragon browser for windows 10 when it thinks I should stay away from a certain website.

Comodo IceDragon does not take up any extra PC usage, either. It also supports virtually every Firefox plug-in too. It also offers a faster webpage loading experience. I’ve draagon everyone at my office to give IceDragon a ice dragon browser for windows 10, and most of them have kept using it as their main browser.

I think this application is something that you really learn to love after using it for a few weeks. It may not jump out to you as a life-changing browser at deagon, but when it’s saved you from getting a severe virus for the hundredth time, you get a new appreciation for its security features. I’ve been able to get work done жмите сюда much easier and faster, thanks to this browser.

It’s allowed me at least an extra broswer at home every day since I’m not spending that time trying to wipe viruses on my computer. Plus, the logo looks cool too! If you are wondering if IceDragon ice dragon browser for windows 10 work with your computer, they offer both a 32 bit and bit version of the software.

It’s super accessible and easy to navigate. /27180.txt think anyone working in the web browsing industry should be using this program. If you want a faster and more secure web browser, give Comodo IceDragon a try. It’s helped me a lot, and I enjoy using it. The best part about IceDragon is that it’s free!

So there’s no reason not to give it a try. My work life would be much harder without it. Helps you browse the web more securely Features:. Made with in Arlington, VA. Comodo IceDragon.

An open source web browser for Windows. Download Comodo IceDragon. Must have a compatible version of Windows to use. Comodo IceDragon Your name. Your comment. AOL Shield Browser. Download Eureka! Download Maxthon.