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The data volume of a 4K video is at least 4 times more than that of a p HD video. It brings great pressure to the storage system and the post-production.

This post will analyze the calculation characteristics of each procedure of 4K footage and film post-production, thus to provide optimal and advanced schemes for your 4K video editing , special effects synthesis and color modulation. Tips: The features of hardware configuration: high frequency, multi-core architecture, greatly enhanced operations of decoding, encoding, data compression, special effects synthesis, video rendering, etc.

With the advent of 4K resolution era, computers are urged to brace for mass storage, multi-layer concurrent reading and writing, multi-layer real-time computing for video preview, and ultra-high-speed computing for video rendering.

Hardware pieces from conventional graphics workstation are almost incompetent to achieve this without the aid of other means. One of the main solutions currently is to drastically reduce the computing scale in each procedure by compression or through software.

But a greater solution to smooth and stable 4K post-processing has been realized by some professional post-production software vendors through constantly rolling out high-end algorithms and latest hardware architecture.

It is capable of making full use of user’s hardware acceleration of a Windows or Mac computer to provide a smooth 4K video processing, transcoding and outputting. As can be concluded from the table above, a 4K video takes up a large amount of memory.

A high-speed IO interface is required to minimize the time needed for importing the video and exporting to the post-production workstation. According to the data in the above table, if there is no compression, the bandwidth pressure of the storage system is huge. For video decoding, multi-layer editing, real-time preview, video rendering output, compression, each link is intensive calculation and processing, involving CPU computing, hard disk read and write and architecture, the architecture of ordinary workstations can not be satisfied.

The above table is only high-definition, core test data. If it is 4K , the theoretical corresponding number of cores meets the application requirements, and the number of cores should be increased to more than 48 cores or a sufficient number of cores for a new generation of Intel CPU processors AMD processors are hardly considered.

In order to solve the parallel computing of multi-layer video code stream, the high compression coding mode is usually adopted, which greatly reduces the video io bandwidth and the calculation amount of decoding and coding. The traditional mode is the multi-core computing architecture of the CPU , and also has the GPU super-computing capability mainly in Rendering calculations to help improve computing power such as decoding, encoding, and rendering.

Multi-channel video synchronization input, involving hard disk io bandwidth, video decoding calculation, ensuring smooth video clips in clip interactive mode without losing frames, no card. Multi-layer video synthesis calculation, code stream coding calculation, code stream compression calculation, mainly based on CPU calculation mode, some software supports GPU accelerated calculation mode in the synthesis process.

Note: Apple’s Final Cut Pro X editing software , because it does not support windows or Linux environment, is not discussed. Support for OpenGL acceleration: video processing, rendering, special effects, transcoding, compositing, encoding. Computer special effects are the process of reconstructing the whole world with mathematical models.

It belongs to the real-time generation of graphs, so the physical calculation of 3D models is large. The most intensive calculation of special effects synthesis is the real-time rendering preview part. The real-time preview of the physical model is done by means of a high-frequency multi-core CPU , and the realistic three-dimensional graphics are mainly based on the graphics card. Advantage 2 : Multi-channel high io massive parallel storage architecture meets the requirements of multi-channel high IO video concurrent reading and writing, which is impossible for traditional workstations.

Wrote this, many people do not necessarily agree, because the widely used Apple machines on the market, is not very good, the most important reason for everyone to choose is that its editing software FCP X is very good, but the limitations of its hardware platform, the number of cores Up to 18 cores low frequency , dual GPU card calculation is very strong actually mainly in rendering processing , and the storage capacity and bandwidth are obviously not high enough, and the multi-layer 4K editing hardware processing capability is obviously insufficient.

Balanced, efficient, high-speed, silent is the biggest show Turing graphics workstations, is currently on the market that can do 4K video video post-perfect graphics workstation models. As you see, we have listed the recommended hardware configuration, by the year of , but things have been going forward. We mean, if we go back here in the year of like , these recommendations must be out of date and not so right.

So if you want to grab the skill of how to choose the recommended 4K editing hardware by yourself, and make the right PC build, keep reading and find the answer below. This is because the amount of data in 4k is more than 4 times higher than that of high-definition, which would put tremendous pressure on computing and storage systems.

Even though the configuration performance of the computer is getting stronger and stronger, the speed of the hard disk is the weakest device, compared with the CPU and the memory, in the whole computer system architecture. So we put the hard disk in the first place. Often the baton is passed to the hard drive and the speed will go down a lot.

But in 4K editing, we need the hard disk in good speed. It’s enough to edit 4K videos. But its disadvantage is that the space is smaller. Many people say that memory is the most important one of all computer requirements for video editing. We are not going to deny it, and especially for the low-configuration computers, the most important part that needs to be upgraded is the memory.

But how much memory do we need for 4K editing, anyway? After the video is edited in the software, the data is transmitted to the display through the graphics card, which is completed by the technology of GPU rendering. So which kinds of graphic cards can help us edit 4K smoothly? But what exact specs of the graphics card shall we keep an eye on? There should be no problem anymore. Step 1. Whatever the error is or you will encounter, take “Restart” always as your first troubleshooting step.

It solves the vast majority of the problems of electronic devices. Too much media cache may render you fail to import MP4 file to Premiere Pro. Then get back to test whether you can load the MP4 to Premiere Pro or not. Both updates to software and hardware may render potential errors.

Follow the below 5 simple tricks to fix Premiere not importing MP4 file issue. Besides, trial version may have effect on it sometimes. Besides, are you using a trial version? If yes, you are more suggested to cost USD If Premiere Pro can’t load your MP4 file even you are using the latest version, roll back to the old version and try again. Adobe Premiere Pro CC requires the newest version of graphics drivers.

So updating your GPU driver might solve file import failure problem. According to the feedback from some users, installing QuickTime could fix the MP4 importing issue temporarily. But bit QuickTime support has been discontinued.

Download QuickTime 7. According to the feedback of some users in the Adobe forum, for certain video files, the MP4 won’t import error can be fixed by changing file name or file extension. File name containing a long string of words or letters from non-English alphabet could be problematic under certain circumstances. As for file extension, if your MP4 video is from DJI devices, you can try to change its extension to.

MP4 is merely a container format, and it is the video stream codec and audio stream codec that matters. The solution is situation-specific, such as where is that MP4 file comes from what device , does it come from a device directly, or it has been converted to MP4 from another format. If you tried the above solution, and still cannot import MP4 to Premiere, you can export the MediaInfo of that MP4 video, and send it over to us, or to any forum you frequently hang out. With detailed MediaInfo, people can help you to analyze the Premiere Pro file import failure.

If all the methods above are unable to solve the problem of Premiere Pro can’t import MP4 file, you can try an Adobe alternative called VideoProc Vlogger. Developed as an impressive and simple video editor, VideoProc Vlogger lets you import MP4 files, and other video formats smoothly. Also, you can rely on it to polish your MP4 videos like add music, add subtitles, add effects , split, rotate, trim, change speed , change color, record voice, record screen, and more.

Adobe Premiere supports most popular container formats and codecs. If you want to know what formats are not supported by Adobe Premiere Pro , read and check for details. They can be regarded as a box to hold media data compressed by different compression and encoding technique.

That is to say, it is the codec rather than file container formats that determine whether Premiere can read the file or not. Jordi was an amateur tech enthusiast, but now an editor who has published hundreds of stories covering hardware acceleration, video editing, software review and how-to guides.

He is more like a “tech support” with adventurous soul, eagerly grabbing cutting-edge video technologies off in a professional yet easy-to-understand style, and enjoying gliding, diving, etc.

VideoProc is a primary branch of Digiarty Software that is a leading multimedia software company founded in It endeavors to provide easier hardware-accelerated video audio editing and conversion solutions. The installed base of the VideoProc product has reached 4. Any third-party product names and trademarks used on this website, including but not limited to Apple, are property of their respective owners.



GPU Accelerated Rendering and Hardware Encoding.

Try both and see which version works best on your system. Do not make the mistake of updating your software or hardware in the middle of a project! HTC Vive. Premiere Products. Create gradients for shapes using the Essential Graphics panel. Ability to view read-only versions of your project.


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Navigate to Preferences > Media; Select Enable hardware accelerated decoding (requires restart); Restart Adobe Premiere Pro. NVIDIA CUDA graphics acceleration requires CUDA drivers. CUDA is not a requirement for running the Adobe video apps, but if you prefer CUDA.