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The next step is to purchase and download QuickBooks. Follow these steps mentioned below to download QuickBooks:.

Once you have successfully downloaded QuickBooks, the next step is to install it in your system. To install QuickBooks, follow the instructions below:. There are two types of installments, one is the Express install and the other one is the Custom and Network install. You need to select the right installation for you. The best and the most recommended installment type is Custom and Network install. Here are the steps mentioned that you have to follow:.

Once you have installed QuickBooks successfully on your computer. The next step is to activate and update QuickBooks. Here are the steps you need to perform to complete this procedure:.

QuickBooks is available in different versions so that you can do QuickBooks download according to your business requirements. Here is the list of QuickBooks versions that you can easily download and use.

The version QuickBooks is available with new features, improved performance, bug corrections, and other improvements for download for all: including Pro , Mac, Enterprise What does the latest QuickBooks Version bring in:. The main thing is that the user has downloaded the QuickBooks software properly and saved it in default or desired location.

Now install and set up QuickBooks Desktop software. Make sure you are opting for the correct method for installing the software. When the installation is done do set up your accounts to get started with QuickBooks Desktop. In the case of an existing user, you have to first backup your company files so that you can restore it if any damage happens to the data file.

After that, update QuickBooks Desktop by downloading and installing the updated software version in the same way mentioned above. This method works for those existing users who want to uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop version and then download the latest version. Make sure after this, you have upgraded your company file manually if it is not done automatically.

Features are the best part of the software with that you get to know which version or edition is suitable for you. QuickBooks is the most widely used business accounting software for maintaining your customer bills, paying invoices, generating reports, and preparing tax returns.

Now that you have a complete guide on QuickBooks downloads and its latest version, you can easily download and start using QuickBooks for your business. However, if you get stuck or have any queries you can contact the Dancing Numbers customer helpdesk for easy and quick assistance.

Looking for a professional expert to get the right assistance for your problems? Here, we have a team of professional and experienced team members to fix your technical, functional, data transfer, installation, update, upgrade, or data migrations errors. We are here at Dancing Numbers available to assist you with all your queries. Manage all your business finances Payroll Management and services Efficient and convenient Financial tool to handle and manage everything Dashboard to handle things in one place in a single click.

To check the product information, press the F2 button from the keyboard. It opens up the information window that shows the information like user license, installed on, product name, license number, etc. All this information is required when you want to activate the product.

Firstly, open the QuickBooks Mac Then go to the Help menu option from the top From the drop-down menu, choose the Product Information option This opens up the window that has all the information in it. You can download any version or edition that you want to use into your system whether you use Windows or Mac. It totally depends on the requirements of your business and the features that you required. You can select the Payroll add-on while purchasing the license of the QuickBooks software that you want to download.

If you already purchased the license without payroll then you can add on the payroll and then pay for it accordingly. You do not have to pay for downloading the software. After installation and while activation, you have to enter the license number. There is a day free trial that you can use. After that, you have to purchase the license number to start using the software.

After login, you can easily download QuickBooks Desktop software into your system. To download and install an older QuickBooks version you have to connect with the Dancing Numbers team who can help you out with this easily.

By connecting with the team you are able to download the QuickBooks Desktop older version and also use it at your convenience. This method uses an “off-cycle” reconciliation date to make a correction. I’m also including these articles for your future reference:. Please let me know if you need further assistance with this process.

I’m always available to help. You are awesome Marie! Thank you so very much for the very prompt solution. I have a follow-up question. So, I had to pay penalties a few times due to the delay in remitting the Sales Tax.

How do I go about listing the late payment charge to the sales tax payment? I tried to use the pay sales tax feature and adjust the amount by completing the Amount Paid in the Pay Sales Tax window. Then, selected “Adjust”, then selected an adjustment account an expense account , selected the “Increase Sales Tax By”, listed the amount in the “Amount” field.

Unfortunately did not work. I window poped-up saying: “Because you made a Sales Tax Adjustment, the amount paid to each vendor has been reset. Your kind assistance is much appreciated. I appreciate you for elaborating on the situation and giving such detailed information.

Allow me to impart some details about the window popped-up. If you entered the right amount of details in the adjustment this window will not popped-up. Please try to review the information then try to save the transaction.

For more detailed steps, you can check out this article: Process sales tax adjustment. Additionally, I’ve added these articles below on how to customize reports and troubleshoot sales tax issues in QuickBooks. Again, thank you for your ongoing business with us, and we look forward to serving you soon. Just drop a comment below. Keep safe and healthy. I tried a few things but still stuck. The adjustment is not listed under the same item.

It is listed under “No item”. Would you be open to a Google meet sometime? I can share my screen and appreciate it if you can walk me through a solution. I can send you an invite to your email address. Sorry if causing any inconvenience. I’d like to inform you that the Community is a public forum. Because of this, we’re unable to arrange phone calls or private communications. I’d be glad to share the steps on how to reach out to our phone and chat support teams instead.

They can initiate a screen-share with you to check why the adjustment is not listed under the same item. Here’s an article to get more details about their contact details: Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support. I’d also like to add a couple more sales-tax related articles for more references when using this feature:. Don’t hesitate to join us again in the Community if you need more help with QuickBooks.

We’re always here to make sure they’re all taken care of. By clicking “Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community. Join now. Level 1. Labels: QuickBooks Desktop. Reply Join the conversation.

Here are the steps: Click the List tab at the top menu bar. Click Chart of Accounts. Search for the account. Right-click the account, and click QuickReport. Choose a date range. Click Customize Report. Go to the Filters tab. Filter Transaction Type. Below Transaction Type , click the drop-down arrow and select Check. Click OK. See these screenshots for your visual reference: For additional reference into paying sales tax, I’m adding the article I recommend on this: Pay sales tax.

Not applicable. Coming into an account that crazy messed up. Besides starting a new company file, I guess there’s no way to correct it all, it’s frustrating. I’m attaching the articles I found helpful for you: Pay sales tax. Level 2. The adjustment option in the program is used for the the following scenarios: A credit for previous over payment or early payment discount given by your sales tax agency.

A fine charged to you by your tax agency for late or non-payment in the previous tax year. Corrections to sales in a previous period. Rounding differences between QuickBooks and your sales tax forms. Sales tax holiday declared by your agency. In the Sales Tax Adjustment window, enter the adjustment date, sales tax vendor, adjustment account and other relevant information Note: Do NOT use sales tax payable for the adjustment account.

Choose an Expense account if you are making the adjustment because you need to add penalties and fines or if you are entering a positive rounding error. In the Adjustment section, choose the Increase Sales Tax By option, then enter the adjustment amount.

Optional Add a note in the Memo field. Hit OK. To learn more about this feature, see this link: Process sales tax adjustment When you’re ready to make the payment, go back to the Vendors menu, then use Sales Tax and Pay Sales Tax. For the complete steps and explanation, refer to this help article: Pay sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop Let me know if you need anything else with processing Sales Tax.

QuickBooks Team. To adjust your sales tax due, here’s how: Go to the Vendors menu and then choose Sales Tax. Select Adjust Sales Tax Due. On the Sales Tax Adjustment page, fill in the adjustment date, sales tax vendor, adjustment account, and other relevant information.

Ensure to choose an Expense account if you are making the adjustment. This is because you’re adding penalties and fines or if you are entering a positive rounding error.

You can see if the invoice has been viewed, if a payment has been scheduled or when it has been received. The Payment Card Industry PCI Data Security Standard is a certification comprising 12 security requirements that helps ensure all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information have security measures in place to protect businesses and their customers.

QuickBooks takes security seriously and only allows for transactions to be ACH compliant if applicable and PCI compliant always applicable. QuickBooks provides merchant services for all QuickBooks accounting products for businesses at any scale. Applications from payment processing on Quickbooks Desktop Pro to wholesale and manufacturing merchant services on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

No matter the version of QuickBooks Desktop you use, you can gain visibility on transactions across your business making sure your merchant services transactions and accounting entries are always perfectly synced. Setting up online invoices takes just a few minutes of configuration and set-up. Credit card payment set-up is similar in that you connect your QuickBooks merchant services account with QuickBooks Desktop. You can cancel QuickBooks Payments at any time and there are no termination fees, setup fees, or monthly minimums.

Desktop Payments has several features tailored to specific industries. For B2B or professional services it connects project and job tracking with the billing and invoicing system. Wholesale and manufacturers can take advantage of the seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Contractors will use online payments to allow their clients to pay with credit or debit cards online to get paid faster.

Online payment: Based on the average number of days invoices were paid between October and September using the Online Invoice feature, compared to QuickBooks Payments users who did not use the Online Invoice feature.

Next Day Deposits: For next day deposits, credit card payments processed before PM PT arrive at your bank the next business day excluding weekends and holidays. Deposit times may vary for other payment methods such as ACH bank transfers, third party delays or risk reviews. For new QuickBooks Payments customers, the first deposit may take longer for Intuit to establish the merchant account typically within days. Instant Deposit: Instant Deposit is an additional service offered by QuickBooks Payments subject to eligibility criteria and daily maximum limit.

A debit card is required to set up. Payments are sent to the bank account linked to an eligible debit card usually up to 30 minutes. You can request available funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get your money on the same day, payments must be received in your QuickBooks account before 3 PM PT on a banking business day and instant deposit requests must be made before 3 PM PT.

If payment is received after 3 PM PT, funds will be available for instant deposit request until 3 PM the following banking business day. Otherwise, payments will be processed at the normal speed. Deposit timing may vary for third party delays. Terms, conditions, features, service and support options are subject to change without notice.

Automatic Reconciliation: Automatic match and record of deposits and fees work with payments received from eInvoice and ACH and credit card transactions initiated within QuickBooks. Message and data rates may apply. Requires QuickBooks Payments account which is subject to eligibility criteria, credit and application approval.

Additional fees and terms and conditions may apply. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. Sign in. How It Works. Talk to Sales: 1. Sales hours.

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› quickbooks-accountant-desktop-review. Care plan is included with Standard, Plus and Enterprise subscriptions. A la carte Annual Care Plan MSRP $ Based on lab testing vs. prior QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Accountant Desktop: Review for Accounting Firms

Q : Who will be impacted by the Payroll price change? Designed specifically for accountants, the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop is a one-stop solution for all accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Are there training and support options available to me as I get started? Can I use QuickBooks Accountant from a remote location? Not available in a hosted environment.