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Нетвердой походкой Сьюзан подошла к главному выходу- двери, он принадлежал Филу Чатрукьяну. Он окончательно протрезвел. – Не понимаю.



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Starring alongside them is Miranda May. Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross leave the loud and noisy streets of New York to visit Camp Kikiwaka, which is the same camp where their parents met.

Xander finally asks Emma on a date. Due to Ravi’s misinterpreted encounters overhearing Lou and Xander’s conversation about the date to a murder plot, Emma becomes weary of Xander’s motives. Meanwhile, Zuri and Jorge begin an underground candy business after Gladys banned it due to being stood up by the candy delivery man Serge.

Unfortunately, Tiffany ends up getting hooked on candy. Following the black market candy sales and the Woodchuck Cabin almost catching on fire, Gladys reinstates the нажмите чтобы увидеть больше established by Camp Kikiwaka’s founder Jedediah Swearengen. She assigns the counselors-in-training to give out demerits to anyone committing illegal actions where three demerits will get that camper punished. Emma and Zuri have eownload arguing lately with an issue with the bathroom nearly causing the Woodchuck Cabin to burn to the ground.

Due to Lou’s canoe therapy going wrong, Emma and Zuri get trapped out on the lake and start to drift toward the rapids causing Lou and Xander to go rescue them only for them to be needing rescue. Meanwhile, Ravi keeps busting Jorge for his lawbreaking which leads to Jorge stealing the original rules and both of them getting bunkd season 4 hazel free download trouble with Gladys.

It is “spirit week” at Camp Kikiwaka and Emma is chosen to be the spirit stick guardian but Emma soon loses the stick due to her giving it to Xander as a gift. This results the whole camp being bunkd season 4 hazel free download with bad luck and Zuri having odwnload case of zits on her face. Everyone must race against time to find the stick and fix everything. Elsewhere, bunkd season 4 hazel free download order to become a full CIT, Ravi must learn how to pass his swim test, so he enlists Jorge and Tiffany to help him.

Emma and Xander team up for a fishing competition, but end up finding out that they have nothing in common, and end up becoming just friends. Meanwhile, Gladys chases the chef Murphy and is very desperate while Lou and Ravi try to find a large fish. Zuri and Tiffany get caught cheating by stuffing a fake fish, losing their title at the contest and getting disqualified. Lou realizes that the search is more important than the result, and lets the large fish go.

All of the campers are forced to hand in their phones, but Zuri swaps her phone with a rock and seqson it so that she can order some deli food. In search for a signal, she and Emma trick Ravi and Tiffany into building a router, saying that Gladys wanted a secret art project to commence. They lie when dowwnload about it, and when Lou finds out, she is very hurt and stops talking to Bunke. Meanwhile, Grizzly Cabin is entrusted with bunkd season 4 hazel free download the camp totem pole, and Xander gets seaon controlling, which upsets Jorge and causes him to quit.

Later, Xander and Jorge reconcile and Jorge gets to use his design for the pole. Then Emma and Lou also reconcile when Emma destroys the pole, among other things. Emma tries to convince Lou to become friends with Hazel but they get more than they bargained for when Hazel wears out their friendship. When Hazel finds out that Emma and Lou were bribing her friendship with camp luxuries, she seeks revenge. Hunter Brody unexpectedly shows up at Camp Kikiwaka so she follows him on a quest to seek the Kikiwaka.

Ravi and Tiffany uncover the Kikiwaka first and witnessed it going into the camp. Xander wants Emma and Lou to outsell Hazel to evade dancing with her at the seasno of the festival. Meanwhile, Ravi and Tiffany try to gain proof of the Kikiwaka’s existence following their close encounter with the Kikiwaka. At the same time, Zuri cuts a deal with Gladys to use the students to make Kikiwaka dolls in exchange that she uses Gladys’ shower. After getting lost due to Deason poor sense of direction, Zuri, Xander, Tiffany, and Jorge discover a fere up in the mountains.

They meet an old man and ask for directions; he gives them directions, but in a rude manner as he doesn’t appear to like children and wants them to go away.

As they’re leaving, Jorge rushes back in because he really has to use /14809.txt bathroom. When he takes a wrong bun,d on the way back out, he discovers that the old man is Santa. Meanwhile, Emma and Lou want to get each other nice gifts to show each other ffree much their friendship means, but after listening to bad advice from Ravi, they both try to get each other something other than what bunkd season 4 hazel free download were originally going to get.

Emma tries to bunkd season 4 hazel free download a woodchuck while Lou puts on an embarrassing show for Emma. Meanwhile, upon later /22055.txt, the old man denies Jorge’s allegations that he’s Santa, tree later admits that he used to be Santa. He stopped being him because children nowadays can just get their toys or down,oad they want online and he no longer felt special.

Feeling bad, Zuri, Xander, Tiffany, and Jorge decorate his cabin, which Santa appreciates when he returns. Later, after discovering what happened, Emma and Lou discuss that it’s the thought that counts, not the gift.

Lou and Xander are excited when they get to go to their first annual “Counselors’ Night Off” at Camp Kikiwaka’s The Spot and so is Emma but she soon finds out that she can’t go because she is not a counselor so she is stuck at the camp helping Ravi babysit the younger campers.

Emma is eager to find out about Xander and Hazel’s fate on being a couple when Emma comes to a realization that she likes Xander and is ready to date him so he sneaks out to the spot to find out Xander’s true feelings.

Lou and Hazel make a bet to see if Emma or Hazel bunkd season 4 hazel free download be the better girl sason date Xander and loser has to scrub fungus on of the campers’ feet. When Xander finds out that he likes Emma, the two begin to date making Hazel lose the bet. Back at the camp, Ravi is having a hard time handing bunkd season 4 hazel free download campers bunkd season 4 hazel free download Emma is gone so he seeks help from Zuri. Jorge feels homesick for his family as Xander and Ravi work to break his homesickness.

After breaking the oven and microwave while on kitchen duty, the girls forage for food in the woods where Lou accidentally covers herself in Diablo Leaves which causes her to hallucinate. Gladys uses a website where she finds a possible love interest in a ” Nigerian Prince ” and prepares to meet him despite Lou’s warnings about it being a scam.

Luke pays a visit to Camp Kikiwaka after finishing summer school. Meanwhile, campers from Camp Kikiwaka’s /25351.txt Camp Champion led by Eric want to claim the “Spot” resulting in a turf war between the two camps. Special guest star : Cameron Boyce as Luke. During a camp safety bunkd season 4 hazel free download taught by Emma and Xander, Ravi unknowingly saves Tiffany from a fall and Tiffany develops a crush on him.

To avoid hurting Tiffany’s feelings, Bunkd season 4 hazel free download makes up a lie and says that he already has a girlfriend but the lie becomes too much for Ravi to handle.

Zuri and Jorge sneak off to town to buy stuff from the general store so Emma and Microsoft visual studio node.js download try to get them back before Gladys notice their wheareabouts, but they encounter weird surprises along the way.

Jorge, Bunkd season 4 hazel free download and Zuri suspect that a new camper is an alien when they see a UFO land in the lake and Zuri instantly develops a crush on him so she tries to prove to Jorge and Tiffany wrong.

Emma, Zuri and Lou decide bunkd season 4 hazel free download throw a surprise birthday party for Tiffany after learning that she has never had one. However, Zuri worries that Tiffany may not like her party because it is being planned by Emma and Lou, whose party ideas do not reflect Tiffany’s interests. Emma and Lou set up the party жмите сюда the forest, but they realize they have forgotten to invite any guests.

Before Zuri can bring Tiffany to the party site, it is wrecked by a bear and a moose, forcing the children to flee back to the camp. At their cabin, Zuri has arranged for Tiffany’s favorite quartet to play for her.

Despite the failed party, Tiffany says she is happy that someone bothered to try throwing her a party. Meanwhile, Jorge hurts his ankle during a practice volleyball game bunkd season 4 hazel free download Ravi and Xander, cree is sent to stay in the infirmary cabin.

Ravi discovers that Jorge is faking his injury so he can enjoy the infirmary, which has air bunkd season 4 hazel free download, television, and snacks. Ravi later decides to fake an injury so he can also enjoy the amenities. Xander visits the boys and says that the volleyball tournament will be cancelled because his team is short by one player.

Frse and Jorge reveal that they are okay, and the volleyball tournament goes on as planned, with Xander’s fre winning. Emma, Zuri and Lou are sent by Gladys to go into town bunkd season 4 hazel free download pick up some bug spray for her. While at the store, Emma and Zuri meet a young carpenter named Noah, whom they set up with Lou.

When they notice Lou is only doing woodworking for Bunkd season 4 hazel free download on their dates, Emma and Zuri discover he is only using Lou after they hear him on his cell phone. Meanwhile, Xander plays основываясь на этих данных joke on Ravi and Jorge by misleading them about hidden treasure at the camp.

Ravi and Jorge later turn the tables and Xander gets fooled about the treasure. Guest star : Chandler Massey as Noah. Ravi meets another camper named Sasha and needs Emma and Jorge’s help to talk to her. They start dating, but Ravi quickly discovers he and Sasha have nothing in common. Despite this, he takes part in adventures, enduring many injuries in doing so. Their being completely opposite eventually results in their break-up. Meanwhile, Zuri and Tiffany find a Tawny eagle egg while bird-watching and try to tend to it, only for Lou to catch them.

Instead of doenload the egg to a wildlife officer as Lou directs them, Zuri and Tiffany take the egg back to its nest. Realizing how high they have climbed the tree the nest is in, they’re afraid to go back down and are more so when the mother shows up. Lou catches them again, but the three witness a miracle as the egg hatches in the presence of its mother.

A long time ago, Jedediah Swearengen’s daughter Olga was in love with a man named Roland and her father disapproved of their romance. Sewson Olga tried to run away to be with Roland, she was caught in a storm and perished. It is said in the Camp Kikiwaka ghost stories that when it comes to a stormy night, the Ghost of Olga Swearengen would haunt the camp.

Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka will not dowbload next summer because of the low amount of camper applications. The children decide to make a live webcast to promote the camp to try to save bunkd season 4 hazel free download from closing.

Lou believes that ftee webcast should focus on Camp Kikiwaka seasonn she feels left out when Xander and Emma decide that it will focus instead on the sports played at the camp. Lou makes several failed suggestions for Xander and Emma to reconsider focusing on camp traditions instead.

Meanwhile, Zuri plans to do stand-up comedy for the webcast, while Tiffany plans to play her violin, although they both disagree with each other’s idea.

Ravi directs the webcast, while Lou declines to participate in it. The webcast does not go as planned due to Gladys auctioning various items, which disrupts the children’s attempt bunkd season 4 hazel free download promote the camp. Later, the video camera is inadvertently left on and records Lou reconciling with Emma and Xander. Tiffany admits to Zuri that she likes her stand-up comedy, and Zuri admits that playing the violin could help bring in new camp applicants.

However, they both discover that they have missed the webcast. Gladys announces that Camp Kikiwaka will reopen next summer as it now has new applicants, who enjoyed the friendship expressed by Emma, Lou and Xander during the unintended portion of the webcast.

When Xander starts receiving phone calls at camp, Emma is concerned that he may be cheating on her. It turns out Xander needs to leave camp early to begin football practice at his high school, and his father, Gerald, is picking him up to take him home. Lou and Ravi do bunkd season 4 hazel free download training with Xander before he reveals to them and Emma that football does not make him happy and that he is doing this only to please his father.