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Alone in the Dark, an adventure game (with arcade elements) released in by Interplay. The game was released for PCs and Macintosh PCs. Alone in the dark Free download PC game preinstalled in direct link. The game that started the popular survival horror genre is returning better than. Download Alone in the Dark 1 Free Full PC Game (Last Version) | Alone in the Dark 1 is considered one of the founders of the Survival Horror genre.


Alone in the Dark on Steam.


When stumped, ask a friend for advice. Heroes explore the dark corridors of a huge mansion. Somewhere there is no light at all, somewhere flicker weak lamps. Often a character can turn on the lights themselves, but to do so, you must still reach for the light switch without becoming food for the local inhabitants. Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare is a treasure trove of various scary creatures. Four-legged low freaks with spikes on their backs hang around here. The user can be captured by tall figures that vaguely resemble people, but are devoid of face.

There are also flying beasts that look like pterodactyls. Very quickly, you realise that it is. Warped rats, zombies and giant worms are among the foes who are after you, and you must somehow escape. Alone in the Dark is an action-adventure survival horror game. The action is displayed from a number of fixed viewpoints. The backgrounds are 2D painted images, while the player character, all items and monsters are rendered as 3D models.

To escape the mansion, you’ll have to solve a number of puzzles. They usually involve finding an item and using it in a proper place. Apart from items necessary for the puzzles, you can also find books and documents that can be read, healing items which can be consumed to restore hit points, and weapons. Weapons come in handy, since Derceto is full of various monsters. Some monsters can be killed with weapons, but others are either impossible to kill or require a bit of thinking to take down.

Note also that you have limited amounts of ammunition, so you have to use firearms carefully. This is one of the true classics. Before I start reviewing it any further I must say something about it’s graphics. All the backgrounds were hand-drawn and they give the complete game a specific atmosphere. Complete game uses a kind of a 3D graphics that were never seen before. Also, Alone in the Dark was the first game ever that used different camera angles the style that was used in many other games, such as Tomb raider, Resident evil Graphics are simply – terrific!

Sound in the game fits the atmosphere like nothing I’ve seen before. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. Features of Alone in the Dark Illumination Following are the main features of Alone in the Dark Illumination that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. Compelling survival horror, action and adventure game. Supports online and Co-op modes.

Can play as one of the four heroes. Can play as a team or alone. Loads of puzzles included. Got four unique campaigns with numerous missions. Can explore breathtaking environment of Lorwich. Alone in the Dark Illumination Free Download.